A Fierce and Enduring Gratitude


An on-demand eCourse: How Poetry Supports Us In Good Times and Bad with Dale Biron

We’ve all experienced difficulties and losses in our lives. From health challenges to losing friends and loved ones. From career and business setbacks to divorces. Perhaps our most heroic act in the face of such loss is simply allowing our hearts to break and then transforming that pain into compassion, healing and finally service. In this eCourse, we will explore poems as wise and timeless tools that can support us on our path back to gratitude, happiness and yes, even joy.



I think of this course as a kind of sacred intersection between poetry and grateful living…The poems we most need for our Gratefulness Poetry First Aid Kit are short, surprising and soul-sustaining.  ~ Dale Biron

  • How can poetry help us celebrate the stunning beauty of the world and remember the joys we have forgotten?
  • How can poems heal and connect us even in the most difficult and fierce circumstances of our lives?
  • How can we bring poetry and gratefulness into our lives as supportive and trustworthy practices?

We invite you to join us in exploring these questions, and many more, through listening to reflections, poems, and stories shared by poet, Dale Biron.

Course Details:

This eCourse contains five sessions. Each session includes:

  • A 5 – 8 minute video clip from a seminar given by Dale Biron
  • Full transcript of the video clip
  • Featured poem
  • Questions for reflection and discussion
  • Suggested practices

    Session Themes:

    Part One: Poetry as a Dynamic Tool for Grateful Living
    Part Two: The Poetry of Easy Gratitude
    Part Three: The Poetry of “Dailiness” Gratitude 
    Part Four: The Poetry of Paradoxical Gratitude

    Part Five: Building your own Gratefulness Poetry First Aid Kit

    This Program is Designed to:

  • help you discover the power of poetry to support your grateful living practice.
  • help you connect with what is most stunningly beautiful in the world, yourself and others.
  • help you discover how specific poems are suited to each of the three core types of gratitude practice.
  • offer Grateful Living practices that are as simple and fast as they are effective antidotes to stress and alienation.
  • offer ways to re-frame life’s greatest challenges as opportunities to shift, change, and heal yourself and the world.
  • invite you to use poetry in fresh new ways to plumb your own heart, mind and soul.

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Dale Biron – Poet | Author | Coach | Adjunct Professor 

Dale Biron is a  poet, author, coach and adjunct professor at Dominican University OLLI Program. He is former poetry editor and board member for A Network For Grateful Living (gratefulness.org). His longtime friend and mentor, Brother David Steindl-Rast has long inspired Dale’s work with gratefulness and the power of grateful living. Dale has shared his poetry-inspired presentations at TEDx, The Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, as well as non-profit and business conferences nationwide. Dale is the author of a poetry collection entitled Why We Do Our Daily Practices. His latest work is a prose book entitled: Poetry For The Leader Inside You – A Search and Rescue Mission For The Heart and Soul and will be published in the fall. For more information, visit Dale Biron’s Web Site www.dalebiron.com.