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Reclaiming Aliveness: How Great Fullness Can Transform Our World

An on-demand eCourse featuring conversation with Br. David Steindl-Rast and Christian Plebst

In this four-session eCourse, discover how our innate, inner capacities for wellbeing open us up to what it means to be fully alive. Stepping into our aliveness, we honor the opportunity to listen and to notice that which might be beckoning. We will explore how  mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and grateful living increase our capacity for joy, love, compassion, and wholeheartedness. When we allow these qualities to emerge, we create space for individual and collective transformation at a time when the world is calling for wholeness. 

The Transformative Power of Sufficiency & Gratefulness

An on-demand eCourse with Lynne Twist & Brother David Steindl-Rast

In this six-session, on-demand program, we will explore the power of focusing awareness on the gifts, opportunities, and commitments in our lives. Sufficiency and gratefulness help us recognize that we may not need new goals or big changes in order to be deeply happy. Instead, re-orienting to the “currencies” and currents of our lives may hold the key. Learn with two of the world’s great thought-leaders as they share their wisdom.

A Fierce and Enduring Gratitude

An on-demand eCourse: How Poetry Supports Us In Good Times and Bad with Dale Biron

We’ve all experienced difficulties and losses in our lives. From health challenges to losing friends and loved ones. From career and business setbacks to divorces. Perhaps our most heroic act in the face of such loss is simply allowing our hearts to break and then transforming that pain into compassion, healing and finally service. In this eCourse, we will explore poems as wise and timeless tools that can support us on our path back to gratitude, happiness and yes, even joy.


Gratitude: A Way of Teaching

An on-demand eCourse with educator and author, Owen Griffith

This five-session eCourse will include practical, research-based activities and a new gratitude curriculum shared by educator and author, Owen Griffith. Owen’s book, Gratitude: A Way of Teaching, will offer structure to help guide the course as we create opportunities for educators to explore gratitude as a way to improve class culture; academic and social success for students; and resilience and satisfaction in students and educators alike. These are tense and challenging times. The safety of our kids and a classroom culture that uplifts and strengthens what is going right is essential. Gratitude has a role to play in building resilience and reducing stress.

Gratefulness: Life as a Wholehearted Journey

An on-demand eCourse with David Whyte, with appearances by Br. David Steindl-Rast

In this six-part eCourse, we will traverse the subtle terrain of “wholeheartedness” as both “antidote to exhaustion” and as what becomes available when we live with immediacy. We will explore what it means to move through life as a “pilgrim” — letting go of what no longer serves us, taking nothing for granted, and being willing to show our gratefulness for our particular gifts by allowing them full expression in the world.

Awakening to Gratefulness

An on-demand eCourse with Br. David Steindl-Rast

“What is gratitude?”, “How do we do gratefulness?”, and “Why?” — Using poetry, stories and clear descriptions, Br. David Steindl-Rast, takes us on a deep and joyous dive into the practice of grateful living. These inspired teachings were recorded on video in 2011 when Br. David offered a series of talks to a group of 85 people who traveled with him on a boat through Alaska’s Inside Passage. Each of the 8 sessions includes a video (or two!) along with questions for contemplation and journaling.

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